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Regina Peace Action Coalition
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About RPAC
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War on Iraq?
Not in our name!
RPAC Sponsoring Organisations:
Canadian Labour Congress, Community for the Awareness and Re-evaluation of Society (CARES), Muslims for Peace and Justice, Regina Peace Council, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Riel Centre, Saskatchewan Action Committee on the Status of Women, Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC), Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, University of Regina Women's Centre, University of Regina Students' Union and many peaceful individuals just like you.
Thank you to the RWDSU for their continuing support and generosity.
Thanks also to the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, the Grain Services Union, the Regina and District Labour Council and the, Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The Regina Peace Action Coalition is comprised of individuals and groups committed to stopping a war in Iraq.  Why?  See below for reasons:
The first victim of war is truth.

In the 20th Century, there were more than 60 million casualties of war.
Of those casualities, 80 percent were civilians. 
And those civilians were, primarily, women and children.

Information & photos:

Photos from
Dr. David Swann's stats & photos from Iraq:
10 reasons Canadians should oppose a war in Iraq (Halifax Peace Coalition)